APS Tower Paint features the SprayMax 2K Aerosol Can

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Our Popular Acrylic Enamel Aerosol Spray Can

Our Popular Acrylic Enamel Aerosol Spray Can

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Universal 1K FillClean Aerosol Spray Can is an Acrylic Enamel that will deliver a high gloss without the need for clear coating or buffing.

Single Stage finishes do NOT require a clear coat. Automotive Basecoats MUST be clearcoated with either the 2K (Rapid Cut-In Spot Clear Coat # 3680062) or the 2K (Glamour High Gloss Clear Coat # 3680061) and if you would like a 1K product, the (Acrylic Clear Coat # 3680058) is a great option.

Automotive basecoats have no gloss or durability with out a clear coat.


Our most popular product.


12 oz net wt

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