APS Tower Paint features the SprayMax 2K Aerosol Can

Aerosol Technology



SprayMax Technology - Made in Germany

The evolution of the spray can technology began in the 1920s. Initially only registered as a patent, it first enjoyed widespread use from 1945 onwards. The start of the paint spray can era was the work of Peter Kwasny, who recognised this brilliant idea of spraying from a can in the U.S. in 1956 and developed the idea further so that paints could be sprayed. This was the start of the production of spray paints in automobile colors.



Recently, APS Tower Paint Company has introduced its newest breakthrough technology spray can system, which allows customers to order both 1K and 2K spray cans. The new 2K (two component) cans offer outstanding durability, scratch resistance, and UV protection, with a hardener that mixes with the paint when the can is activated. This provides a complete urethane system that includes primers, base coat, clear coat and single stage color. At APS Tower Paint Co., we have the capability of matching any painted surface, and supplying it in a spray can, touch up bottle, or pints, quarts, or gallons. We ship out orders via UPS every day in the United States and we are able to ship Internationally as well.

At the end of the 90s, a milestone was set in paint spray technology, which again significantly changed the paint spray world: The launch of the patented spray paint system „SprayMax“ - a revolutionary invention. This innovative aerosol technology combines the mobility and flexibility of a spray paint can with the application properties of a professional spray gun. The SprayMax program initially kicked off with individual products but now comprises a complete painting system, the SprayMax PaintRepair System. All the products, colors and applications required for professional paint repair work are available in the SprayMax range.

The result: The innovative SprayMax Technology - Made in Germany.

Once again, the company Peter Kwasny GmbH has underscored its position as the innovation and technology leader in the market for paint spray cans and taken new paths in the market - worldwide.

More information at www.spraymax.com

SprayMax benefits

  • Unique paint spray can technology, including 2-component technology (EU Patent-No. EP 0 925 236; US patent pending)
  • Car repair paints or original paints of other paint systems
  • Fast and cost-effective paintwork repairs for small damages
  • Diverse application fields (e.g. cars, commercial vehicles, industry, trade)
  • The whole painting process can be performed only with SprayMax aerosols
  • Painting results equal to those achieved with a spray gun
  • Not dependent on one particular work environment, SprayMax is mobile and flexible
  • Not dependent on painting cabins, spray guns, compressors and connections
  • No tooling or cleaning time required
  • Satisfies the future VOC*-standards

* VOC = Volatile Organic Compound(s) = General collective term used for volatile organic compounds in a paint

Aerosol Technology

SprayMax is a professional spray can filled with original paints from automotive refinish paint manufacturers.
SprayMax aerosol technology is based on two components:

  1. SprayMax spraying and application technology featuring broad-jet atomization, high paint output quantities,
    constant spraying pressure (until the aerosol is completely empty) as well as even layer application, and minimal overspray.
  2. Tested and approved original paints for a perfect painting result in combination with SprayMax technology.

Key features of SprayMax technology

  • Innovative nozzle, valve and propellant technology
  • High output quantity, fast working speed, broad-jet atomization
    1K and 2K technology
  • Professional painting results compared to a spray gun

Comparsion of spray patterns

A paint spray can changes the painting world

spray paint for carsThe state-of-the-art in the professional painting world are the results achieved with a pneumatic spray gun. Up to a few years ago, no one believed paint spray cans could match the properties of pneumatic tools as spray cans were seen as DIY articles. The market started developing alternative and cost-effective repair methods for which the suitable paint repair system was lacking - and this is where the patented SprayMax aerosol technology came into its own. Its years of success in the car paintwork repair field have allowed this revolutionary technology to gradually take over other painting applications. SprayMax achieves painting results that can hold their own with results achieved in paint workshops.

The core of the SprayMax paint spray can technology comprises a combination of propellant, innovative spray nozzle and valve technology. This technology allows the broad dispersion of the paint similar to a spray gun, however with less overspray.

2K Technology

Definition SprayMax 2-component technology

SprayMax 2-component technology comprises paint
and hardener in one can

  • The hardener is integrated in a separate cylinder
  • The hardener will be released by pushing the red button.
  • Guarantees a high product and coating quality
    like using a spray gun

2K Instructions for use

1. Check the item. Make sure that you have the right product. If the wrong product is accidentally activated, the aerosol will be useless if it is not subsequently used within the potlife.

2.Thoroughly shake the aerosol for two minutes before from once you hear the agitator balls in the aerosol hitting off each other.

3. Remove the red push button from the cap and place on the pin in the bottom of the aerosol without tilting it. Place the aerosol on a stable, horizontal surface with the cap pointing downwards.

4. SActivate the aerosol by applying even, vertical pressure to the red button. Listen for a clicking noise. Please press just once.

5. Dispose of the red button in the trash so that you can tell activated aerosols from non-activated ones if using more than one aerosol.

6. Write the date and time of activation on the label. The potlife specified in the Technical Data Sheets applies at an ambient temperature of 68°F. The potlife will vary depending on the ambient temperature. Lower temperatures will extend the potlife, while higher temperatures will reduce it.

7. Thoroughly shake the aerosol for two minutes to properly mix the activator with the paint.

8. Perform a trial spray and check the product. When performing your trial spray, check whether the aerosol is spraying cleanly and evenly. For colour aerosols, check the colour.

9. Clean the valve. When you are finished working you must empty the valve with the spray head pointing downwards. Spray until only propellant leaves the nozzle.


SprayMax Variator

Advantages SprayMax Variator

  • Continuously adjustable variable nozzle
  • Fits only on approved SprayMax products
  • The output rate and the fan size are adjustable by turning the red wheel. By turning the tip of the nozzle
    a vertical or horizontal fan direction can be achieved
  • Fits to all refinishing needs. For small (door jambs) up to big paint jobs (fender)
  • Professionell painting results. Acts like a spray gun
  • Can be used on other approved SprayMax aerosols after cleaning with the SprayMax Gun Cleaner 3 680 095